Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58

Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58: Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translate application. With free Google Translate Desktop, you can easily get the online translation without a browser. You are able to freely read foreign articles, communicate with foreign friends on facebook or twitter, learn foreign languages, view foreign websites and write emails in foreign languages. Google Translate Desktop takes very little space and you don`t need to install it on your PC like other desktop translators.

PlCoacher 3.0.3: Program helps to study foreign languages. It optimizes the educational process.
PlCoacher 3.0.3

foreign languages; 2) work over language grammar; 3) improve your vocabulary; 4) chose any text you like to work with, prepare and view it using PlCoacher functionality; 5) work over direct interpretation of the text in foreign language (interpretation from foreign language into mother tongue); 6) work over back interpretation of the text in foreign language (interpretation from mother tongue into foreign language); 7) find out the most difficult

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MemoPump 1.3: Multilingual dictionary and words trainer MemoPump helps to increase vocabulary.
MemoPump 1.3

Foreign words dictionary dictionary and language trainer MemoPump helps to increase one`s vocabulary during learning any foreign language quickly. Fast translation of a foreign word from any application with using Hot Keys. Using exercises built in into MemoPump you will easily memorize any foreign word.

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Smart Words 1.6.1: The program is the specialized tool allowing to limit a range of studing words
Smart Words 1.6.1

foreign words by means of not difficult game. Game task is to choose for each foreign word a corresponding equivalent of translation on a native language and to establish conformity between a foreign word and its correct translation. In practice it looks as consecutive display of group of foreign words (English or any others) and the group translations corresponding to them into a native language (terms "native" and "foreign" languages are conditional

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Just Translate for Windows 2.9.1: Your travel assistant to understand and communicate in a foreign language.
Just Translate for Windows 2.9.1

Just Translate is your travel assistant to understand and communicate in a foreign language. Read and write text in 59 mayor languages of the world, check the correct spelling with the new integrated spell checker and speak a foreign language with the right pronunciation through the new transliteration functionality.

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Amazing Foreign Landscapes Part 2 1.00: Bring the beauty of foreign landscapes to your desktop!
Amazing Foreign Landscapes Part 2 1.00

Amazing Foreign Landscapes is a 100% free screensaver featuring high-resolution images of landscapes around the world. Fully customizable - you can change the size of the images as well as the transitions of the slide show. Download this screensaver and enjoy it today! :: FEATURES :: - High-quality images of foreign landscapes - Fully customizable slide show transitions - Ability to add your own background music - Easy to install/uninstall

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Virtual Teacher Background Panel 1.1: BPanel is a program that will help you learn foreign language in passive mode.
Virtual Teacher Background Panel 1.1

Are you one of millions out there who are trying to learn foreign language, but never have enough time? Get Virtual Teacher Background Panel a tool that displays words and phrases you are trying to learn and their translation. Learn foreign language in passive mode. Aslo you get VT Vocabulary Builder and you will be able create your own vocabularies. Day by day, month by month...Do not waste your time! New product, 100% free to try!

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